Car deflectors.


car deflectorsHaving bought a new car, the driver begins to care for him diligently, wanting to keep its appearance in good condition as long as possible. However, even the proper storage and regular cleaning of cars will not save him paint from small particles of debris, scratching the hood under the action of crosswind. In addition, during driving with the open windows, all this dirt enters the interior, damaging and contaminating the plating.

To avoid such troubles, you need to go to the car shop to buy special hardware installed on cars and reflecting the wind that carries the dust particles. These elements are referred to as the hood of vents and windows.

The design of such “reflector” is quite simple. The deflector is a plastic “shield” installed on the part of the car body, which is primarily in contact with the air counter flow. Retaken stream of air and dust bypasses the vehicle body. In addition, the deflectors eliminate cars from oncoming dust falling in the face of the passengers and the car is driven into the seat.