Hyundai Sonata headlight adjustment

Okay this is there a video regarding adjusting Hyundai Sonata headlights on a 2500 semata mata 0 degrees out here himself Texas Solomon try to do this pretty quick before. The Camera melts. Our last time I had the just headlights. They wouldn’t want this complicated but I found the need to do this and. Finally took the whole thing apart. Which is probably the easiest thing to do. This body style goes back several years so it’s probably applicable to maybe a 2000 model 2 through 2005 probably older than that. Phillips screwdriver and Germany affiliates Phillips screwdriver. I have a Phillips screwdriver that long which indeed once.

Hyundai Sonata headlightAt least 6 inches long. Because. What you’re looking for is. This There’s a little Phillips headed. Screw device. But on the. Edge of it as a serrated. Budget teeth. And that’s what they want you to engage the Phillips screwdriver into. This one I’m on the passenger side of the car and this one that you can get to really easy is a left right. Adjustment. The one that you can’t get to real easy is way back down. Find it down in here. And in order to get to it. According to the way the thing is designed. You have to take a long enough screwdriver 6 inches and stick it down in one of these holes. And snakes its way. If I can do this on film too down. Into that here. Down this little channel in the back of 2011 hyundai sonata headlight bulb Liam’s. And if you’re a Phillips screwdriver I’m using a flat blade you can use a flat blade it’s just terribly slow.

And then you can adjust this. Left and right. And that actually moves the beam up and down. Same thing on the other side. The car. Which is near the battery. Here’s the holy goes into. Maybe see a little better on my side. Right in here. If you got one of the things we’re looking for it you’ll see it but without a video like this. The descriptions that you read won’t make much sense. Now the other thing I noticed. He’s in trying to do this sometimes. This cap. Right here. That’s what you take off to replace the bulb.

Take the cap on. You see Israel conveying battery in place. It’s black thing right here is that clog plugs in the back of the ball. And what I noticed is this cap. May not be deep enough. A completely clear that. So if you’re trying to make this a just just money don’t mean seem to be making any progress. Take this crap off because this cap can bind up against the back of it plug. And because of the. Bob and. Assembly not to move up and down and then you won’t get anywhere ticket cap off if not bind middle move up and down. As I said it could be easier just take the whole Hyundai Sonata headlight assembly out and. Let me stop this little adjustment.